Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Something like appendix (1)


It finally became the last twice. It is with the blog of the purpose that I condense and tell about a part feeling that I was not able to convey the twice from this time so far. Then shall I begin it?

I took it up about Ogaki Festival in beginnings. I talked about a festival car in various ways on this occasion. The sentence of contents to add to an article of this time is this.

As for the Ogaki-Festival, damage and the destruction by fire of the festival car occurred successively by a man-made disaster and a natural disaster so far. Speaking of a big thing, it will be an air raid caused by the war by a man-made disaster in particular. The target is the castle tower of the castle. When there is an air raid in the place where the warehouses of many festival cars gather around the castle tower, in the case of Ogaki, it is instantly with a burnt field. So there are few festival cars left by an air raid, and it is thought that, fortunately, they looked good with the loser of the castle town.

In the festival car left for the war, there is such a precious thing. One of the wood which is used, for example, is a thing of the Edo era. It becomes oldest in the festival car existing in Ogaki that there is this pillar. While by little reinforced the rotten thing and supplemented it of new wood, the wood in such Edo era disappeared.

It faces each other, and a natural disaster is an earthquake. Because only this is a thing near unpredictably, I am sorry if generated. It was the worst, and the man-made disaster seemed to have the policy to let festival car itself evacuate stolen when they felt some crisis, but it often seemed to be just said with suffering even if damage compared it with a man-made disaster in the case of a natural disaster because it was big. In addition, the flood was the same, and festival car would be the measures that there was no help for it because they were not able to let it go outside if there was much rain.

In spite of such a disaster, there were many the towns which worked on the rebuilding. And all the festival cars assembled in full force at time of the festival of the last year and got a plaudit. There was the town which at last they were able to rebuild last year. In fact, it has became without the document about the festival car by the warehouse having disappeared by all disaster. Two pieces of old photographs were found accidentally, and there was the town which worked on the rebuilding to see the photograph. A question was left how you were able to rebuild the part of the decoration when you watched it and was not restored the place that I watched in the case of a festival in last year 100% more and knew that they didn’t still put any processing for a decoration part. It is a place to be worried about this year begins, and what kind of activity you carried out.

The mechanism was unfinished, too. The person from Chubu District thinks that I understand it, but there is the technique called the detached room show box. This usually has one thread to handle to a doll, but a thread is set up complicatedly in various ways, and all is a thing concerned with the movement of one doll. Audiences will be that become thrilling that a doll don’t fall by doing such a detached room mechanism. When there was the festival car which performed these works to Ogaki and thought to go to watch it because it was restored last year, there was not still a mechanism. An apprentice to a priest thrust one hand to a stand and, by the festival of the hometown, stood on hand and heard it when it was the device which did a dance with a fan to have in the other hand. However, movement to point out a way to a stand was omitted as of the last year, and I watched it, and an answer did not do it too much. I want to look at the place there carefully this year.

I will answer it that I can write it in the case of me if said that I write it about the festival car of the festival. However, I think that it becomes painful about a stand exiting for a festival if said that I write it. The common Japanese seems to have many people enjoying a stand than a festival car. I may see some figure eating when I say a festival in other countries. The young human being takes form called eating its way, but I don’t do such a thing very much. I’m not interested in a stand. On the other hand, I enjoy it to see a festival car while other people enjoy a stand. It may be that I’m a festival car enthusiast of the festival so that there are a trip enthusiast, a railroad enthusiast. It may be in this way good. Money not disappearing to there because the festival car doesn’t cost money when try it out, as for being troubled growth to gain weight to have been over after all, in the case of me, there are none a hand to a just delicious thing. When there is the latter with me adversely and turns around, I may diet. It walks

I take up an original way of enjoying last this time and there is quite many it and writes the thing which I was not able to write so far. Putting it up is slightly more different in a chapter than a past thing. I think that it which writes one’s thing which I want to write is blog. There became more too few it, but touch it about the questionnaire that I carried out on blog towards a beginning on the next time and want to do a characteristic in the sentence that there is more.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Festival to watch in the world of Kabuki


I want to change an idea a little this time. It is a place to always catch mule Festival itself, and to speak in detail, but wants to introduce the program that Kabuki about the Japanese festival is various.

At first the thing to introduce is “There is a festival.” According to the name, it feature the theme of a festival of Edo called the Sanno Festival. Only as for people who seem to still go to the festival including a merchant and the head fireman who came to the character who came to the character who came out to this for the festival. In an atmosphere to be cheered up by Sanno Festival of Akasaka, Hie-jinja Shrine for contents, it is the dancing thing that the head fireman of slight intoxication addition and subtraction begins to dance noisily. This program is to be shown in gala opening of Kabukiza from April. In addition, this is staged as a program to give to late Kanzaburo Nakamura in last December.

This is because it is the year when Kabukiza which is the most big theater of Kabuki which is a Japanese traditional entertainment is rebeared as for this reason, it which I featured the theme of this year this time, and it opens newly. Kabukiza which was forced to closing with deterioration in April, 2010. Then Kabukiza revives in April of this year when three years pass. However, it was three years that I was sad for these three years, and were hard. The death of the Kabuki actor had a big first damage. A series of death of the living national treasure. There were many cases of the all death from an illness, and this came to be said until ”A spell of Kabukiza ” among the fans all.

In late years Kabuki gives a performance in all parts of the world, and there are many works known globally. However, the person who performed a Kabuki performance like that in a foreign country hangs it in this year from last year and dies in succession and feels it when an opportunity to perform it globally from now on may disappear. I forgot to say it, but originally Kabuki is that the common people were seen from a foreigner to a feudal lord at the time of flower viewing of the cherry tree from the start. In other words flower viewing to say in Japan was a kind of festival, and Kabuki rooted in the mass society there. Would you have you understand the close relation of Kabuki and the festival?

I wrote it about a relation with Kabuki this time. I thought about an example, but Kabuki didn’t have it to there. There was the work called the summer festival Naniwa model, too, but meanings were totally different though the character called the festival was used. But I was able to learn about the relation of Kabuki and the festival on the occasion of writing this article. “In Commemoration of the new Opening of the New Kabukiza Kabuki: Theaters during the Edo period” is held in Suntory Museum in Japan until March 31, and the document which understands the relation with the festival there is displayed. I recommend that he/she goes to look because it is interesting.

Then as for the next time in fun.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The old thing is come down forever

Hello. This theme is a tradition. Without several degrees, I wrote it, but it is an inherited theme so far to be old. Before last week or it, I touched it about the traditional break of the musical accompaniment, but save the sculpture of the festival car of the Japanese festival this time.

This example makes Ogaki Festival, too. The festival car of the Ogaki Festival keeps it in the warehouse of the festival car, but the preservation of the sculpture is great. It is eaten by an insect when they put it in a warehouse for one year and corrodes by various animals. In addition, they only restore one sculpture, and a large amount of fund is necessary. So they may not restore it immediately even if they found it for a festival of the age. If each town is rich, the story is different. Generally they cannot recruit you to a fund in a town, but, as for the festival car, the budget to be concerned with isn’t usable to there because it is enrolled in cultural assets after all to worship you because it is small.

They device each festival car in various ways and survive it to minimize such a restoration. There is the technique to pour that there is a box not to just put it in the warehouse, and to put every sculpture well and overturns with cloth, and prevents it, but of course the prevention of decay processing goes. In addition, they may rouse attention so that a person doesn’t touch it if possible. But a person knowing it well is different. It is sure as possible that it prevents a person from touching it. There seemed to be that they became a target of the destruction by an artificial mistake even if I did something like that in old days. I don’t hear it very much now.

The sculpture was so, too, but a laborer seemed to be necessary for the warehouse in various ways because there were both the personal ornaments and the case to have stolen in old days. Because it is the genuine article of the famous painter, the personal ornaments may be traded at a high price in only with an old thing when they sell to antiquary. There seem to be many thieves for it, too. It is the most reliable that the police stand all the time, but it isn’t possible from lack of talented person and lack of funds. It is possible only from the door that a thief enters. When some doors opened, a bell rang, and it has the device which it can report to the police immediately. There is the place following with a security camera now. There was not the machine which was high technology from the Edo era. A wall provided it around a door when I said how you protected it, and the system was such that I didn’t put it when the point didn’t break the wall from there. There is still the town following in it

If anything, I wrote down a preservation method than a tradition this time. By the way. I wrote it considerably, but how is everybody a feeling? The festival of Japan has a problem in the same way as world other festivals. I think that I wrote a fact faithfully so far. I approach the final stage from now on. The subject of the Ogaki festival doesn’t leave it, but wants to write it every week well from now on. As for the next time in fun.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The festival of recent years


I write the last continuance in this first one. Because it was a virtual thing, it was one of the problems that I faced by a current festival of Japan and took it up by this theme setting.

They need one year for the exercise of the musical accompaniment at once. This doesn’t have the difference in town of Ogaki of any place. In addition, for securing of talented person , the thing named “the musical accompaniment club” which teaches the elementary school of the neighborhood a musical accompaniment exists. It was said that I taught a musical accompaniment once a month, and I have seen the thing called the figure which wrestled eagerly with TV there.

However, declining birthrate almost advances to both a lot of areas not to have and such a place like other areas, and a young person disappears. Then, as a result it is thought about in each town participating in the same festival the age group of a person performing art varying widely. There are many old people in the town which there is again, and there is the place going to if I think whether a primary schoolchild goes in the certain town. In the former case, it is a problem to be impossible of participation for the festival of the town that it is thought when nobody is inherited as it is. A tradition was not inherited, and this is a problem of Japan not a problem only for Ogaki if a problem of Gifu is big and looks. It is the one which there is no help for it even if such a thing happens in the modern society where population and industry are concentrated in the metropolis.

The solution to such problem is participation of the festivals of the youths. The youth who is in the metropolis participates in an event to affect the festival of the town where they were born and raised, and the story is different when I show posture wrestling until a festival together. In late years they have the phenomenon that the youth who gradually left outside a town comes back to the town of Ebisu that I wrote and participates in last time. In addition , it is very few, but originally I was not born and raised in the town, but the case which I am interested and concerned with is thought about like my case. Because the town where I was born and raised was only included in Ogaki merger, even the festival car much less the musical accompaniment has not lasted. There is only the talk I had, and, according to the present study, the evidence including the photograph and the article that it is don’t come out at all in old days. If really had, is splendid, even if is discovered and is proud of the town where I was born and raised, don’t think too much now.

I intended to speak recent festival circumstances, but have been talked about my hometown finally. I talk to a friend in this way well. “Myself you mean what by this with two hometowns,” or the person who read this article will be accompanied by imagination. It is useful plenty in an understaffed town me. Thanks to abundance of the knowledge of my Ogaki festival, a story knows it to a person meeting 20 years old on a birthday of this year for a little less than 60 generations much less the same age. I am proud of such ability and want to act as the point from now on as I don’t break these relations.

There is it by the end this time in such a place. As for the next time in fun.

Monday, January 21, 2013


I cannot express this theme briefly, but am a preliminary stage.
It means how that festival is possible.
I want to write the thing which in a sense is local which even a Japanese doesn’t know very much.
Please go together this time.
As for this thing, Ogaki Festival becomes the material at once.
It originates in that my hometown is Ogaki, Gifu.
Is only a braggart, but thanking you in advance.
At first the event about festival lasts one year.
The participant of the festival may think the festival to be an instant, but is the gift which has been made for one year.
The town having a festival car has a meeting once a mouth and begins from the reflection society of the festival that I did in the year and talks about the future prospects.
Because the festival car is appointed in cultural assets, the preservation activity is great.
After all it’s the property from old days.
In addition, they lay emphasis on the preservation of the doll which modeled God because they personify God.
One case is ”Ebisu state.”
A family keeping the head of the doll for one year exists and cannot be away from this.
For example, this is because it is over when it encounters theft.
Therefore I am not good when I send you with a caretaker with none of somebody for one year.
However, the person thinking in the wake of this has nobody.
This is because Ebisu is worshiped as “God of the good luck” in Japan.
On the contrary, there are many people feeling that thank you for coming and is.
Because it features a musical accompaniment, the festival car worshiping this God must perform the exercise of the musical accompaniment.
This has a tradition.
They are always haunted by a sense of duty to have to follow a musical accompaniment to continue from the Edo era when a festival began in.
However, this tradition cannot catch up with losing recent youths, and a festival car gradually to be able to completely manage has been limited.
When I was born in the town taking away this time, it was perfect, but unfortunately becomes weak now.
Only as for one, there is barely the all the musical accompaniments storing a thing as the rhythm was just taught several pieces by a teacher in music.
The person except it can play only two or three pieces to become the basis.
A more terrible person has the person has the person who cannot play a flute to play it.
I am a former person.
I remember that it was quite hard to play a flute.
It was the time of elementary school six years first that it blew.
Therefore then it is eight years in this year.
I touched it only several times the other day, but was able to blow when I touched it suddenly.
They take one year, and this exercise is carried out now, too.
It seemed to be able to blow commonly in old days because there was a habit to remember music when the person who lived there had a flute even if they didn’t practice it to there.
However, they don’t seem to be able to make progress to there for one year because there isn’t the person who can blow to there as naturally having mentioned above now either.
It is to here this time.
As for the next time in fun.
As for the next theme, recent in the plan; worship you, but want to write his continuance in a beginning.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The kind of stand

This theme is” a stand.”
Everybody hears it with a stand, and what kind of image will you remember?
I think that I get a real sense when after all I came to the festival when I watch it whether it is place and what which I make when I sell.
Such a festival stand is today’s theme.
The person who has not come for a festival of Japan may not understand it, but there is the stand selling “takoyaki, octopus dumplings” and “okonomiyaki, savory pancake with various ingredients” and the food which said in the kind of the stand, but there is the thing which the premium such as “scooping goldfish” and “the quoits” follows so far.
A cold thing such as the chipped ice is sold for a summer festival.
This gains an image to be hot if I say in the summer.
Then I come to want a cold thing.
Because the sweat flows very hard, hydration becomes important.
In other words it is cold and becomes the ice which is colder than the water which can drink water.
But I cannot continue having the ice all the time.
This is because there is not taste.
Thing, it which seasoned this become the chipped ice.
I came to see the thing which pricked the stick with a cucumber with a stand recently.
For the festival of the place where I lived in, there was the one style thing which changed to the stand.
It is “palmistry” and “a haunted.”
Most of the former has not seen a visitor, but start a stand every year in the same place.
When the latter always becomes the objection with the crowdedness on schedule, an announcement of the broadcast drifts.
However, there is always “haunted house” for some reason in the site of the Shinto shrine.
Even if the haunted house appears judging from a Japanese concept from the graveyard in the temple, and there is it in a Shinto shrine ,ghost don’t usually appear.
But nobody thinks about this question.
This is because the announcement of the haunted house is such a thing with a person.
There is the stand selling a round fan.
Originally hot summer was made as a thing enjoying the cool air, but a character thing or a popularity idol thing are sold to this a lot now.
In addition, the mask is sold, too.
There are a lot of aspects of the character thing for a child again, and, including Japanese original “tortoise”, “a man with a clownish mask ,” this is in a condition that the person who always watches it doesn’t die out.
I understand the size of the scale of the festival with the number of stands too.
If there is few it , only it knows a thing for not only the person who lives there if there is many it but also tourists by an area original festival.
Besides, I have abundant stands for a festival of Japan.
Was there your favorite stand in the inside that I took up?
Or is it other things?
When you came for a festival of Japan, please feel a true festival to see this stand.
That is all this time.
As for the next time in fun.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


I take up an entertainment this time.
Concerning culture, I talked about a marvel of the Japanese faith last time.
The entertainment varies by a festival.
When a miniature shrine, a festival car, the various things including the stand become the festival are come out and celebrated it.
In addition, the ceremony dancing the dance of the purge is held in the Shinto shrine and has the solemn atmosphere.
This dance varies in some implication by holding time.
For example, that let the illness such as the contagious diseases that will be raging in summer to greet from now on in the case of early summer disperse; have a meaning.
In addition, that celebrate a good harvest and a big catch when is performed in autumn; have a meaning.
A human being may perform the dance, but a mechanism doll may dance.
There are many these in the Chubu District, but, by the similar dance, there becomes much Shinto shrine which went outdoors than the building in the audience.
They control one story, and please the harvest, the eyes of the audience to a doll, not only the dance but also worshiping you exists in Japan
That you say Japanese also original culture is such a thing, but is slightly different from the foreign thing.
I came out, but even if Shinto and the Japanese cut it, I am not sharp and have a deep relationship last time.
In other words a thing playing it with a mechanism doll is that the chief character is often God.
It is a mythical story.
Because the labor is serious at time to study the whole book even if I say a myth, it is often what I extract the part which seems to be important partially, and is performed.
In addition, as for the clothes substitute is difficult because it is a doll and is not only the thing which can change its clothes already.
But I change a physical part and need a device in various ways by all means when transformation is necessary.
They are changed the color of the face and put on a mask and change a face, but it is readily difficult to do a smile in an angry face instantly.
In addition, there are many difficult parts when they are changed into the thing such as the building which is not a person.
There is the device that normal, it is not thought to occasionally enable it how you hide clothes wearing when you change it into a thing.
There is an interesting place, but thinks that the person who looked for the first time is surprised.
It had deviated from the main subject considerably, but understood that they performed a dance when they were gathered it up.
Then what kind of thing is it to carry a miniature shrine on their shoulder?
About the sedan chair which God gets on It let you do around the area that a Shinto shrine occupies depending on a district one lap, and a miniature shrine seems to be a thing doing the greetings circumference.
When there is a Shinto shrine in the neighborhood, I do greetings rotation equally.
To here about a miniature shrine I do it this time to here.
I take away a stand on the next time.