Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Something like appendix (1)


It finally became the last twice. It is with the blog of the purpose that I condense and tell about a part feeling that I was not able to convey the twice from this time so far. Then shall I begin it?

I took it up about Ogaki Festival in beginnings. I talked about a festival car in various ways on this occasion. The sentence of contents to add to an article of this time is this.

As for the Ogaki-Festival, damage and the destruction by fire of the festival car occurred successively by a man-made disaster and a natural disaster so far. Speaking of a big thing, it will be an air raid caused by the war by a man-made disaster in particular. The target is the castle tower of the castle. When there is an air raid in the place where the warehouses of many festival cars gather around the castle tower, in the case of Ogaki, it is instantly with a burnt field. So there are few festival cars left by an air raid, and it is thought that, fortunately, they looked good with the loser of the castle town.

In the festival car left for the war, there is such a precious thing. One of the wood which is used, for example, is a thing of the Edo era. It becomes oldest in the festival car existing in Ogaki that there is this pillar. While by little reinforced the rotten thing and supplemented it of new wood, the wood in such Edo era disappeared.

It faces each other, and a natural disaster is an earthquake. Because only this is a thing near unpredictably, I am sorry if generated. It was the worst, and the man-made disaster seemed to have the policy to let festival car itself evacuate stolen when they felt some crisis, but it often seemed to be just said with suffering even if damage compared it with a man-made disaster in the case of a natural disaster because it was big. In addition, the flood was the same, and festival car would be the measures that there was no help for it because they were not able to let it go outside if there was much rain.

In spite of such a disaster, there were many the towns which worked on the rebuilding. And all the festival cars assembled in full force at time of the festival of the last year and got a plaudit. There was the town which at last they were able to rebuild last year. In fact, it has became without the document about the festival car by the warehouse having disappeared by all disaster. Two pieces of old photographs were found accidentally, and there was the town which worked on the rebuilding to see the photograph. A question was left how you were able to rebuild the part of the decoration when you watched it and was not restored the place that I watched in the case of a festival in last year 100% more and knew that they didn’t still put any processing for a decoration part. It is a place to be worried about this year begins, and what kind of activity you carried out.

The mechanism was unfinished, too. The person from Chubu District thinks that I understand it, but there is the technique called the detached room show box. This usually has one thread to handle to a doll, but a thread is set up complicatedly in various ways, and all is a thing concerned with the movement of one doll. Audiences will be that become thrilling that a doll don’t fall by doing such a detached room mechanism. When there was the festival car which performed these works to Ogaki and thought to go to watch it because it was restored last year, there was not still a mechanism. An apprentice to a priest thrust one hand to a stand and, by the festival of the hometown, stood on hand and heard it when it was the device which did a dance with a fan to have in the other hand. However, movement to point out a way to a stand was omitted as of the last year, and I watched it, and an answer did not do it too much. I want to look at the place there carefully this year.

I will answer it that I can write it in the case of me if said that I write it about the festival car of the festival. However, I think that it becomes painful about a stand exiting for a festival if said that I write it. The common Japanese seems to have many people enjoying a stand than a festival car. I may see some figure eating when I say a festival in other countries. The young human being takes form called eating its way, but I don’t do such a thing very much. I’m not interested in a stand. On the other hand, I enjoy it to see a festival car while other people enjoy a stand. It may be that I’m a festival car enthusiast of the festival so that there are a trip enthusiast, a railroad enthusiast. It may be in this way good. Money not disappearing to there because the festival car doesn’t cost money when try it out, as for being troubled growth to gain weight to have been over after all, in the case of me, there are none a hand to a just delicious thing. When there is the latter with me adversely and turns around, I may diet. It walks

I take up an original way of enjoying last this time and there is quite many it and writes the thing which I was not able to write so far. Putting it up is slightly more different in a chapter than a past thing. I think that it which writes one’s thing which I want to write is blog. There became more too few it, but touch it about the questionnaire that I carried out on blog towards a beginning on the next time and want to do a characteristic in the sentence that there is more.

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